Sunday, September 9, 2007

For Markus- Raw Video Call Out

Video I made for Markus Rothkranz

Check him out !!

Send him your video's its worth the time!


Some Postings I made when I first started my Journey towards Living Foods.....


Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Jakobi Homestead Slide Show

Here is the First Video Clip of the Jakobi Family Homestead Intro....Now the video is only 1 min 53 sec long, I couldn't seem to trim off the blank clips at the end...Also, I am working on Actual Video Footage for the "next" Raw Revue Clip...So stay tuned and I promise to make it interesting and even entertaining from time to time....Thanks for watching!
PS-I am making these links, so that the blog will load quicker for those of you using dial up(that's what I use too).....M

Remember to plant those Seeds......

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ferro-Cement Homes

Why not live in a sculpted home that is Amazing?

Steves Flying Concrete

Water Catch Cisterns


The Information site on Ferro-Cement

My Intention is Clear!

This is a Great web site full of wonderful articles and there is always something helpful I get out of this site when I go there....

Steave's site among others inspired my new mantra for every moment of my day:


Now I already new this, but it was the following words that really got my attention and helped me to apply my own personal truth to help me REALLY help myself:

Thoughts can only be formed in the present moment, and thoughts can only exert effects in the present moment.

This Did it! It really snapped me back into focus, and helped me discover why my positive manifesting ideas did'nt seem to be taking effect in my life as easily as I felt they should be.

If you are not living fully present in each moment, if you allow delusions like worry or anger to fill your mind and rob you of precious creative energy, then Intention will not be as effective as it could be!
So I wrote this up:

Right Now I am enjoying the Limitless Abundance of Peace, Joy & Wealth that is inside of me. This Truth about me radiates outwards to all of creation. My Abundance is Everyones Abundance and I reflect this Truth with Everyone and Everything Right Now!
I can Achieve ANYTHING I Dream, because my Dreams are Love, Truth & Light....I am Love, Truth & Light! We are LOVE, TRUTH & LIGHT!!!!

I Invite you to Join with me and cast all fear, worry and anger from your mind....anytime you feel these things just say: I am Love, Truth & delusion can destroy what is REAL!

Raw House Idea

A-The Dehydrator Room
B-Outdoor WoodBurning Stove
C-Outdoor Ferro-Cement Water Catch Cisterns
F-Living Foods Kitchen w/East Facing Enclosed Greenhouse
G-South & West Enclosed Greenhouse
H-Open Living Area

Some of Our Family's Sustainable Life Goals

I wanted to share with you our dream of a home that fully supports the Raw & Living Foods lifestyle. We own 6.35 acres of property and are going to build an amazing home where the building is not financed through a bank. Why? Because banks want you to build homes according to their criteria-via septic system, well, stick built, plywood houses....These kinds of homes are not right for the vision we have for a sustainable home. We practice composting all our waste, food & human. So a septic or lagoon are OUT of the question! Why waste all that precious water, just for the thrill of a flush?

I will post a diagram of my basic house layout. A living kitchen is the of the utmost importance to us! Anyone who is a Rawfoodist completely "gets it"! We will have a ferro-cement water catch system for all of our water needs. Paying for a costly well or dealing with the potential of ground water contamination is a big concern for us. Around here well's cost around $5-6 thousand dollars. Some are even more than $10 thousand, depending on how deep the well is drilled. All this is money that we could be using for building our home. Right now we are living in a- 40 x 45 sq foot Cabin. The original cabin was a 10 x 20 shed. Then with the help of some very loving people we were able to build a 20 x 25 add on to the front of the cabin. Using double paned sliding glass door picture windows, (we helped another couple salvage from a hotel that was replacing all their doors) we put up our share of 8 picture windows. This really opened up the view and made us feel like we were more connected with our property and nature than the feeling prior of living in a cave. But with 2 adults and 3 children, 400 sq ft is still pretty small and we are ready to move onto bigger and better things. I will include pictures of our homesteading lifestyle and will be posting video's to go with our Raw Food Revue.....please stay tuned!

Ever filled with love, light & truth

The Jakobi Family